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:: Friday, March 28, 2003 ::

I Don't Like This Guy
Yellow ribbons and all other war memorials have been banned from public property here, a decision that has drawn criticism from residents and business owners who want to show their support for American troops fighting in Iraq.
"Where would you draw a line if you started allowing the use of public property to exhibit whatever cause anyone wanted?" Tyler told The Trentonian of Trenton for Friday's editions. "Suppose someone wants to tie pink ribbons, or black flags, or a Confederate flag or a Nazi flag on public property?"
God forbid we actually let people get a message out! How dare we let anyone that wants to have a say, have one! What kind of crazy people are you thinking that the rights of assholes are protected, too? Even worse, how insane must you be to not understand that we want to ban all kinds of symbols in public spaces to "protect you" from people you might not like? I just don't like that kind of reasoning. (Link found on The Command Post.)

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