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:: Thursday, March 13, 2003 ::

I Love Leno While I was rewarding myself with a break because I had gotten so much work done, First and I decided to watch some TV. Yeah for rotting our minds even more!!! Well, of course late night, means the late night shows. We caught the replay of Leno. Can I say it had some hilarious moments. I really like the footage of "Saddam" riding the razor scooter... straight into a concrete wall. And David Spade... funny!! He was taking digs at all of the celebrities who think that a) they know anything at all and b) that anyone cares what they think. It was great. Well I better get back to writing my paper it's now due in less than 12 hours, but add in time to eat, and for class (yes only one class, as I'm skipping my other two so I can get this paper done).

UPDATE: As of 2:00PM EST my paper is done. I need to print it out and turn it in and I will be free from the shackles of academia (well for a few days anyways).

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