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:: Tuesday, March 25, 2003 ::

I'm Not A Fan I'm just glad that I didn't vote for him.
Democratic Gov. Mark R. Warner today vetoed a proposed estate tax repeal that General Assembly Republicans championed this legislative election year despite Virginia's persistent state budget crisis.
Warner also vetoed a bill authorizing the state to issue a "Choose Life" license plate, which abortion opponents had won over the protests of abortion rights advocates and others who complained about the message.
Stupid estate tax. Death and taxes and then taxes for dying. It's not the "rich" that suffer under this silly tax. It's that people that fall just barely over the limit by technicalities that suffer the most. It's kind of like welfare. Many times it doesn't end up helping those that really need it and are really trying to make it. I threw the license plate in there because that was also stupid. They should be able to get it if they want. There should also be a pro-choice plate if someone wants to design one and go through the proper process to have it made. Let the citizens govern themselves, jerk. I have a pro-gun plate and no one complained. Someone can have an anti-gun plate and I wouldn't say anything other than stupid. I wouldn't want it banned or anything like that. I'd just feel sorry for them because they don't know the joys of shooting. Sorry, pissed off mood again.

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