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:: Monday, March 24, 2003 ::

Letter From A Friend A friend of mine sent me this email that she sent to the major media outlets today asking for my opinion. It's something that I certainly found moving, especially given her situation which I don't really want to discuss in detail. The large picture is that she has a close personal friend that was shipped out overseas and his family doesn't know her to let her know if anything happens to him. That said, here's her letter:
Yesterday, it was announced that 10 American troops from the 507th Maintenance Company had been captured by Iraqi forces and taken prisoner. Four of the soldiers were subsequently executed and their bodies videotaped and shown on the Al-Jazeera network, a direct violation of the rules of the Geneva Convention. Images of the imprisoned soldiers were shown as well.

When I first heard this news, I was upset at the thought of these incredibly patriotic souls being treated this way and having their lives taken from them. What horrified me even more was the thought of American news outlets airing these images. In the case of fallen soldiers, of course, the family is notified by the military prior to any public disclosure of his or her identity. However, there are many friends and associates of these people who might only find out through seeing shocking photos on TV, the Internet, or in newsprint, either of their bodies or prisoners undergoing harsh interrogations by their captors.

News directors need to show responsibility and discretion on choosing what is aired and should take into account the feelings of those connected with the individuals, and the American population at large. It is inconsiderate, disrespectful, and distasteful to the survivors and demoralizing to our country. These decisions can also serve to incite those opposed to the war, who should be doing all they can to support the troops instead. I will say, too, that it is also a poor choice to broadcast close-up, graphic images of Iraqi fighters killed. To do so makes those involved no better than the war criminals exploiting Al-Jazeera and American casualties for their own savage purposes. Whether in this instance or future tragedies, I urge you to make responsible, compassionate decisions when choosing what is aired. The American people rely on news agencies for information and sensationalitazion for the sake of ratings is completely unnecessary.
I know that people have mixed feelings on what the news networks should show, but I thought that some people might appreciate this letter.

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