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:: Saturday, March 22, 2003 ::

Missing Ohio Already I'm missing Ohio already. It's been great being at home the past week. I think it was especially good for me to be here with my family and in this area when the war broke out. It's just a totally different attitude here than in New England (or at least "elitist women's college in rural New England"). There is such great support for the troops and administration out here. It's really made my break a good one. I was also semi-productive. I was able to visit Ohio State Law School. It's where I'm supposed to be after undergrad. I walked around campus a little bit and I remembered how beautiful the campus is (yes, a large state university can be beautiful). The law school itself was perfect. It's so small and the students I met seem so laid back. It was a great experience and I hope to get in. As it is my LSAT/LSDAS registration has been sent in, and so I will soon be preparing for the LSAT in October. Well, I should go try to get some sleep or something. The brothers and sister are watching "1941", so I may go join them. Back to New England tomorrow (leaving at about 4:00AM).

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