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:: Saturday, March 08, 2003 ::

Money & Happiness So I was having a discussion with a friend last night about the importance of having money for one to be happy. I could go into a long description of everything we said, but I'll sum it up instead of wasting too much of your time. Basically, for him, money is the most important thing, and he feels like money can buy happiness in life. I disagreed, arguing that while money can certainly make life less stressful, it won't bring happiness. He continued to disagree and then wrote me off as being too young and idealistic. I kept on saying that I will acknowledge that money is something that is important in life, but it is far from the most important thing and can't actually make a person happy. He stopped listening to me after I disagreed with him and then suddenly changed the topic after several seconds of dead silence. Seeing as he's very engaging when he's listening most of the time, I'm lead to believe that he actually started ignoring me and only started talking when he heard silence that obviously wasn't a break in sentences. This was frustrating to me because I don't think I have these feelings because I'm young and idealistic. I've had access to quite a bit of money before, but that didn't make me happy. It made life a little easier in some regards, but it didn't make me happy to be alive because it was in my bank account. He made a point that today money can buy anything. If it ends a relationship, it's fine because you don't need it. Money can buy sex, it can buy companionship.

So here's my question for the readers: At what point does money become more important than relationships? I'm not going to get all socialist on your or anything, but is this level of greed what we should expect at this point in time with our relatively free markets?

Just so this isn't only personal bitching, I'll relate it to this bit of news.

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