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:: Friday, March 07, 2003 ::

More Air Force Rape Stories I've said before that I don't think women should go unpunished for their actions when they were also breaking the rules when the rape occurred. Neither one of these stories appears to be one of those cases. One girl was offered a ride and a guy raped her. Then he showed up to her dorm room a few weeks later. The other girl doesn't give the circumstances of her rape, but I would doubt that there were any questionable actions if they ended up kicking her out for mental health issues, all of which developed after she was raped. I'm sorry, I would like to believe that these are some terrible mistakes. I think what bothers me most is this statement:
"During sexual assault awareness week, people told us that if you make it through all four years without being sexually assaulted, you're lucky," Fullilove said. "They also say if you want to have an Air Force career you should not report it."

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