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:: Monday, March 03, 2003 ::

More Campus War Observations I think it is interesting that First Bitch said she would be unwilling to serve in the military unless she absolutely agreed with the war. Based on her comments from yesterday, I'm not sure she would ever support a war, even when there is a clear good guy/bad guy scenario. This isn't directed at her as much as it is about many of my fellow college student/part time foreign policy "experts." They claim a moral superiority over men and women that either support or haven't yet decided upon the upcoming war, but they will pretend to be willing to lay down their lives for a cause. We only have to look at the much blogged about human shields story from this weekend to see their dedication. I have yet to find situations in which they'd be willing to go to war.
They would have protested the first Gulf War when one of our allies was invaded by a murderous dictator. (And, First, it doesn't matter if we like them mostly for their oil. Murder by a leader just because the U.S. doesn't like them isn't justified.) These students wouldn't have supported WWII. We already know this based on their reaction to the event most similar to Pearl Harbor, 9-11. (And also on that note, see this story on the development of the anti-war movement. Link via Instapundit.) They wouldn't have supported WWI when our allies were in trouble. They would have argued that it's not our problem, that we haven't been attacked directly. Of course, as we have seen over the last year, they aren't satisfied even when we are.
Before I appear as though I'm claiming a moral superiority over them, I would help out if the military would take. I already know they won't because they told me so when I was in high school. It doesn't let me off the hook with doing something, though. I would find a way to do something. I know most of this isn't news, it's just irritating me right now.
My second observation is on the Books for Bombs campaign going on here. They want to cancel classes in order to protest the war. Yeah, because when we walk out, Bush will stop everything and listen to us. One of my professors called them on their crap today. They wrote him off as a right-wing warmonger when he's an anti-war Dem. Childish. My classes cost about $250 per meeting. If I skip that's fine. It's my choice. Don't force it on me while taking my money.

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