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:: Sunday, March 09, 2003 ::

More On Air Force Rapes I know that many of you are probably getting tired of this. I'm just livid, so you get to deal with it. It also reminds me of something that I know goes on at many women's colleges. If you've ever looked at crime stats for a women's college, you'll see a surprising trend in domestic violence problems. All of the bad guys are male. Oddly enough, when two women are involved in a situation that would normally be considered a domestic violence situation, it suddenly becomes a "residential life dispute." Most of the women's colleges that I can think of off the top of my head work by similar honor codes that the military academies do, minus the military punishments.

Anyway, we received a heads up on this post on the topic over at Winds of Change. Make sure you read it. It calls for major reforms that I don't know if I support completely, but it also revisits this question that I asked when I first heard about the cases.
I'm curious to know how us charging a rape victim for "having sex" is much different than those bastards, many of whom live in Middle Eastern countries, that kill or beat women who have been raped for "having sex." Someone explain the difference to me.
For the record, no one ever explained it to me. And to think, my money is being used to pay for this.

I think what upsets me the most is the fact that nothing will change. As Trent points out in that post, they are simply expanding the "solution" offered by contacting the rape counseling program to include more people that have actively worked to cover up these rapes. Good solution. Wonderful. Bravo.

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