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:: Tuesday, March 04, 2003 ::

Need Some Help I have a friend, let's call her Alum Bitch, that has a guy problem. Her guy that wouldn't officially commit to her kinda sorta cheated on her. Granted, they weren't official, but they did have something and he didn't tell her that he was seeing this other girl. On top of that, it's not like her met her at a bar or followed up on some blind date. He actively went after her, and the girl just happens to sit literaly right behind Alum Bitch at work. She hasn't completely ditched him, but she'll be spending the next week making his life miserable. He admits that he deserves it. Now what I need from you readers is a list of ideas of things she can do to him to make him hurt just a little more. He admits that he's the kind that has to feel pain and suffering in order to realize when he loses a good thing. So far the best idea we have is for her to wear the jewelry he gave her for Christmas every day this week. Tomorrow, the first day after their confrontation, when the other girl is over talking to Huge Bastard (his name), Alum Bitch is going to sneak up behind her and wink at him while pushing her hair aside to show the bracelet. These are the kinds of ideas we need. She's already pulled every insult out of the book. (My favorite: I hope the pussy is made of gold because you just lost platinum.) She also has a website she's going to forward him that has something like a bunch of couples having sex as a picture of a human brain.

Anyway, any bitter chicks out there are encouraged to contribute. Guys, what would be the boot heel through the heart kind of thing to do here?

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