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:: Monday, March 03, 2003 ::

One Quick Post So I finished my paper early (well seeing as it was due last week, not really early, but earlier than I allowed for this morning) and was doing a little bit of surfing. I was trying to figure out if I can take a sewing kit on the plane with me when I fly out to LA next week. I want to work on a small sewing project on the plane. The scissors in it are smaller than my pinky and blunt, so those are okay. The needle was what I was trying to figure out. If I can't take my needles then obviously being able to have the scissors, thread and fabric doesn't help much. So I found the list of prohibited items on the TSA site. You might want to read these if you want a good laugh. I guess after all the uproar about trivial items being taken away by over eager screeners, they finally decided to allow things like toy guns as long as they don't look too real. Wasn't it a case of a GI Joe doll's gun being taken away at Christmas? I can't remember exactly. Anyway, now they are allowed. However, for those of you that usually carry meat cleavers in your carryon, be aware that you aren't supposed to do that. Same for those of you that want to take your spear gun on board. Now I just have to clean out my purse so that I make sure that I don't have any rounds, empty or not, that have fallen into it while at the range. It's interesting to note that kubatons aren't allowed on planes, but I have yet to be asked to remove mine from my keychain. Every police officer I've talked to has said that they would never ask a woman to remove it. :)

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