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:: Wednesday, March 05, 2003 ::

Protest Fun So today was "Books not Bombs day". I didn't make it to the protest to see what was going on because I actually had some work to get done on my mid week break from classes (that's right I do not have classes on Wednesday). So as I was running from place to place after lunch getting some things done that are necessary to my survival here at school, when I heard this girl shout out to a friend down the hallway "Hell no, we won't go. We won't fight for Texaco." It appears that the "cowboy" (as Pres. Bush has been called on campus in a chat thread) is only in this thing for oil still. Apparently no one really cares that there is a madman loose in the Middle East who has been amassing weapons of mass destruction, and has proven capable of invading two of his neighbors thus far (who has the imperialistic ambitions?). I just don't get how people can be so opposed to this war. I always hear from people "Yes, Saddam/Iraq is a problem, but it should be solved without going to war." What will work? Weapons inspections obviously haven't helped any. Two weeks ago in one of my classes the topic came up, and some one suggested the UN place sanctions against Iraq. I had to point out that there already are sanctions in place against Iraq and that obviously hasn't helped anything so what good would more sanctions be. I mean how dense can these women be that I go to school with. I really wonder sometimes. And then I started thinking about the slogan that girl shouted to her friend. What does she think this is the Vietnam era? Is she at risk of being arbitrarly selected to serve? No. There are so many differences between the two situations that these women either don't know about or fail to aknowledge. I'm sorry, I'm just sort of spouting off my thoughts in a disorganized ramble.

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