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:: Monday, March 10, 2003 ::

Random Comments Before Normal Blogging I overslept today. It sucked because I missed a class. This is a class that I can't miss. And I'm missing it on Wednesday because I'm flying out. The prof. has known about Wednesday for a while. I just hope that today didn't piss him off too much. I emailed him and apologized profusely. I wake up at 7 on weekends, I don't know how I managed to sleep until 10 today. Hell, I even went to bed early. When someone called me late last night, I don't remember the conversation, just that I was babbling about something and he told me that I was way too asleep to be talking on the phone. I hate that. If someone talks to me when I'm asleep or trying to fall asleep, I will do my damnedest to talk back. Sometimes I'll kind of dose off in the middle of a word. That used to drive my ex crazy. He'd wake me up to ask me to finish the sentence and I'd have no idea what he was talking about.

So yeah, all of you California readers, I need you to listen up! I need you to get me some better weather while I'm out there. Do you realize we are supposed to get hit with a snowstorm the morning I leave? It's the middle of *various curse words* March and we're still getting major snow. Do you know how many inches are still on the ground outside? It's miserable here. The days that it does get above freezing, we get all excited because it finally starts to melt a little, then it all freezes again that night. What was snow shoved onto the dead grass becomes huge areas of ice frozen on our sidewalks and roads. So I want some nice weather! Right now you crazy LA people are going to having your annual 2 days of rain while I'm out there and the temps are falling literally the day I arrive! I'm bringing shorts with me people. I want to wear them. You folks up north have a little more time to get this crazy weather out of your system. I won't be up there until the 18th. Again, I want to be able to wear shorts or skirts and tank tops or short sleeve shirts and sandals. I'm bringing exactly 3 long sleeved shirts with me for 12 days. Don't make me wear them until I'm flying back here to miserable New England.

Normal blogging to resume now...

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