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:: Saturday, March 01, 2003 ::

Saturday Update A huge annual school tradition is getting in the way of blogging today. Please excuse our silence on the blog. Understand that while we may be leaving you readers without thoughtful analysis of current events for one day, we are enjoying a day of drunken mindless drivel and barely clothed madness. I'm mixing the most random stuff to drink tonight, but it's my body and I can give myself a hangover if I want to. That's the beauty of the freedom of choice allowed to women these days. I'm not very funny when I'm drunk so there will be no drunken posting later tonight. Instead I'll be flirting with anything that moves. I'm a flirty, giggly, and generally annoying and girly drunk. You don't want to see, it's bad news for all involved.

With that, I leave you so that I can keep working my way through the bottle of wine I just cracked open and make a dent in the mixed drinks before dinner in an hour. For those of you asking, yes, Bitchy Mom is proud of me.

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