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:: Monday, March 03, 2003 ::

Shitty Places To Live Wait! You mean that Iraq isn't a cool place to live under Saddam? I'm so shocked!
The Swiss city of Zurich edged out Vancouver, Canada, and the Austrian capital of Vienna to top a quality of life survey published on Monday, with impoverished, war-torn African cities dominating the bottom ranks.
Baghdad, the Iraqi capital where residents are preparing for a possible U.S.-led war, placed 213th of the 215 cities studied.
The study handed the crown to Zurich based on 39 criteria ranging from political, social and economic factors that also included the quality of health, education and transport services.
The top-rated city in the United States was San Francisco, which placed 20th, down from 18th last year.
Other notable cities included Amsterdam at 10th spot, Tokyo at 26, London at 39, Los Angeles at 53 and Rome at 66th.
Lower down the table, Athens finished at 79, Istanbul at 91, Rio De Janeiro at 108, Jerusalem at 126, New Delhi at 162 and Havana, Cuba, at 189.
I think freedom should be something that counts for some points. If I'm not free to bitch about or praise my government, if I'm not free to defend my life against bad guys who want to take it from me, if I'm not free to run this blog, then I don't think a beautiful view is worth much.

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