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:: Wednesday, March 12, 2003 ::

So F*cked I have a paper due Thursday at 3:00pm. I have to read a 130 page excerpt in order to write said paper. I still have 113 pages of said excerpt to read. I'm driving Bitter to the airport in Rhode Island tomorrow morning. When I return to campus I should go to a Japanese Tea Ceremony for a class which I must blog about later, however if I still have said 113 pages to read, I will not be going to the ceremony. I see no way I can possibly get this reading done before tomorrow evening when I need to write the paper, as I have class all day Thursday and should not skip in order to write the paper. I feel so f*cked right now, and it's only half way through the semester. I'm going to be a mess at finals. Someone get me out of here!!! I swear I'm paying to end up a chain smoking, alcoholic with hypertension.

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