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:: Thursday, March 20, 2003 ::

Stupidity Isn't Limited To The West Coast It's in Boston, too.
''I pledged to myself that if war starts, I will get arrested at a federal installation,'' said Jonathan Cook, 42, a Brookline environmental activist who said he is between jobs. ''It'll get my message across to those who are interested . . . that I am willing to put my body on the line.''
I remember the first time I read a publication put out by a group that First Bitch is involved in. It was my first year and I was totally put off because they had an article on the joys of being arrested. But I love Jerry's response to this whole thing:
Jerry, a construction worker and veteran from Wakefield who would not give his last name, spied the protest from his job site on Cambridge Street, got into an argument with an activist, and blasted protesters for not being at work. ''Oh, they're all on welfare,'' he said.
Funny as hell. Of course what do you expect average people to think of those that think like this jerk.
A few hours after leaving the protest, Greg Banks, 33, of Jamaica Plain, sat in the lobby of the South Boston police station, waiting for his friends to post bail. He was glad the protests had finally taken this turn, he said, but added that he is worried about terrorism -- and doesn't want to drain the resources of the police at such a crucial time.
Let me see if I understand this. You think there will be terrorist attacks. You're probably one of those people that honestly believes the police will be there to stop every crime and therefore people shouldn't have tools available to defend themselves. (Sorry, I forgot this wasn't a gun post.) So you go out and intentionally commit crimes so that the resources of this police department are tied up dealing with you instead of protecting against murderers, rapists and terrorists. Now why should I support your actions?
''To be honest, I haven't come to terms with that yet,'' he said.
Yeah, I haven't figured out how you got hit with the stupid stick so many times yet.

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