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:: Tuesday, March 25, 2003 ::

Support For The Troops Update For those of you that may not have seen the comment I left on Preppy's post, we've got an idea that we're trying to turn into a campus effort. We'll have details later as more people sign on (if people would check their damn email, that would seriously speed things up) and we get things organized. It's appropriate for college students given our limited incomes that the school takes the second we get the paychecks and it is as non-political as possible. I think an email that Jeff received the other day is representative of why we have to ensure that it is as non-political as possible. Being on a college campus, we walk a fine line with trying to get people to help even though most don't agree with "current foriegn policy decisions." (Sometimes I swear that I'm the queen of being non-political while still being active. The other day I had a woman convinced that I was against this war because of my use of language which she twisted in her own mind. College has taught me to bullshit.)

UPDATE: I think this is a story I'll print to put on the table we set up to do our little project. Yeah, I'm all girly. I cried a little. It's sad.

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