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:: Tuesday, March 11, 2003 ::

Travel Warnings I feel like this story is a travel warning for me. As you may recall, I was already concerned about whether or not I could take a sewing kit aboard. Now I'm really thinking about what is going in my carry on. I think the list at this point is:
1) A printed list from TSA's website of items I'm allowed to have on board.
2) 2 pairs of shoes
3) 2 changes of clothes in case they lose my bag
4) My sewing project
5) My laptop so I can type Baby's transfer recc and a story for a club newsletter
6) A book or two
7) Gifts for my friend
8) Toiletries
9) Whatever crap is in my purse, which may or may not include brass from my time at the range. I should probably check that...
10) My kubaton because I'm not leaving without it. I doubt they even notice, but if they try to take it, I'll make them retrieve my checked luggage to put it in. I refuse to surrender absolutely all control of my safety over to a government that I don't always trust and I don't want to depend on.

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