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:: Monday, March 03, 2003 ::

You Read My Mind I've been thinking this for the last few years. I can't pick a favorite part, so the whole thing is going up.
At what point is it worthwhile to abandon the Republican Party? As I've complained before, Bush is expanding the size of government faster than any president since Nixon. His prescription drug benefit for Medicare represents the largest and most costly expansion of government since Lyndon Johnson, it will cost over $400 billion over the next ten years, probably more since estimates of government spending for new programs always seem to be serious underestimates. He will also take the federal involvement with education to new heights, and has been nothing short of cowardly in advancing the cause of vouchers and charter schools, the only way to save another generation of poor children from America's failing and violent inner-city schools. Even liberal Republicans such as George Voinovich have been more active in addressing this problem, not to mention his younger brother and former governor Tommy Thompson.
What has Bush done for conservatives lately? He's cut taxes, but in a haphazard way that further complicates the tax code. And it really doesn't matter if the government cuts taxes if it keeps spending more and more money. The money is still sucked out of the private section via public borrowing, which in a way is even worse than taxes because it sucks money from private investment rather than private consumption. Since Bush hasn't cut the size of government every dollar in lower taxes represents a dollar not invested in the private economy now, and a future dollar in higher taxes or higher interest rates. The only other thing I can think of is that he's been good about is appointing conservative judges. If he backs down on Miguel Estrada however I'll be left without much reason to support the party I've been a member of and voted for since I was 18, and will start voting Libertarian. Of course it's true that voting for third parties is wasting one's vote, but more and more voting Republican seems to be the same thing.
I'm trying to keep in mind that I'm just angry at the world for being stuck in a liberal hell hole. I have yet to meet a good liberal in this state. (Lefty, stay here with me and I can change that attitude!) :) Anyway, to add to my sentiment, looking back at home in Oklahoma, compared to this crazy state, the Dems weren't much different than the Repubs. I'm looking for meaningful change here people. Let's get with it. Inspire me. I'm young and idealistic, I need to believe that everything I've been fighting for the last couple of years is worth it.

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