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:: Sunday, July 30, 2006 ::

Closing in on 20 hours with not even a note to say, "We got your request and are looking into it. Thanks for putting up with our shitty service as of late." I put in a 2nd request nearly 6 hours ago that they are also ignoring. I'm glad to know that listing something as a big fucking problem and explaining that the lack of the communication is my biggest beef still generates absolutely no attention from Dreamhost.

If I don't have a huge fucking apology or solution in my inbox by the time I wake up in the morning, I'm finding a new host. This is bullshit to have this many problems in such a short amount of time and not put extra tech support folks on to handle the volume of customer issues.

I was patient while they had more than 700 help tickets, but I've watched hundreds get resolved over the course of the day and noticed the number drop steadily. Amazingly, they can't be bothered to include mine in that. You'd think that being considered a "new" customer on my own account, they'd give a damn about looking like they have halfway reasonable customer service.

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