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:: Sunday, July 30, 2006 ::

Fun times in Texas!
As officials attempt to crack down on rowdy behavior during traditional summertime tubing river trips through the city, a San Antonio topless club is planning a tubing excursion featuring strippers.

Trey Maddox, a manager at Palace Men’s Club, said Sunday’s excursion - during which men can pay $25 to join the strippers - isn’t meant to fly in the face of the city’s new rules.

“We’re not hookers, dope dealers or Mafia thugs,” he said, noting that the strippers will be appropriately dressed. “We’re just coming to have a good time.”
That's a nice little summer promotion. Of course, being Texas, someone is always willing to rain on their parade.
City Councilman Ken Valentine isn’t so sure.

“I’m really disappointed that this is going to occur on Sunday, when people should be in church,” he said. “I hope they behave themselves and keep their clothes on, but I’m not sure they will because strippers are trained to take off their clothes.”
I'm not so sure that Ken Valentine will ever be able to stop being an asshole because that's what he's trained to do. I'm so glad that this government official is making public statements telling citizens they need to be in church praticing a religion. Not that he'd prefer they were in church based on his beliefs, but that they should be there.

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