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:: Sunday, July 30, 2006 ::

I think this is a complete waste of money.
Mobile Voter, a San Francisco based not-for-profit, has started a voter registration drive program through text messaging called Txtvoter. The program, which is intended to register younger voters, was done with grants from GWU’s Young Voter Strategies and the Pew Charitable Trust. Oh yeah, and it’s pretty much free.

Here’s how it works: Mobile phone users can text the word “voter” to short code address 75444 and answer a series of questions via text message to complete the voter application process. A few weeks later, a completed voter registration form arrives at their doorstep. The user just needs to sign it, date it and send it back. Mobile Voter, for better or worse, keeps track of the mobile user every step of the way. If they see you haven’t finished the registration process, they will send you a text message reminder. They even have “planet coding” on the snail mail envelopes to see when your voter registration is sent back in the mail. The final step? Txtvoter will send you an email on Election Day remind you to vote and where your precinct location is.
I can't imagine it would have any influence over people who weren't inclined to vote anyway. Maybe it might remind people about small local elections, but then you'll have more voters who are uneducated on the issues or candidates. I don't know that it's a good thing. But for larger elections, come on.

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