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:: Wednesday, October 23, 2002 ::

I LOVE my Baby Bitch. I'm sorry, as much as the Bible Belt may try to save my soul sweetie, I'm loving this "sexually unrestrained institution!" It's been a learning experience for a small town girl. Where else but college in New England do you learn about dental dams on the first night you move in? Or where else but at this fine college can you see posters telling you that sex toys promote safe sex because you may avoid having sex with men if you buy one? For those of you on the slow side this evening, the safe part of sex with a sex toy (which at no time did they ever mention that toys can spread disease if not cleaned properly) means that you won't have sex with men because somehow men are the dangerous part of the equation.

Speaking of the college girl porn (boy, we aren't begging for links from Google now are we?), Smithie Girls wrote an article with us in it. Interesting orders they have for us...

The F Word question posed by Baby tonight is one I've been struggling with for years. When I left the Bible Belt, I was the radical feminist lefty. When I got to New England, I couldn't stomach the idea of being associated with the crazy Women's Studies departments on college campuses. I know several women's colleges that even have a Women's Center. Isn't the whole f*cking campus a women's center at those schools? I refused to call myself a feminist for a very long time. This year I am making an attempt to reclaim the word. I may be conservative on many things, but that doesn't mean I can't believe in liberty and equality as much as the next woman. I don't want to get jobs because of my gender that I can't change. Wait. I can change that, but I have no desire to do so. I was attempting to make it sound somewhat like an argument against racial preferences too (that one shouldn't be judged by something they cannot help). Anyway, I suppose that I really could change things if I wanted to, but biology has blessed me with some great assets that I want to keep. ;) But point being, after almost four years, I'm even more confused than when I got here. Yeah.

I have more to blog about that I picked up over the last few days. Some of it is even remotely intelligent possibly. However I'm dead tired since I've been working all day, and tomorrow is my longest day with classes lasting until 10PM. I'll try to get it in tomorrow night as I watch my favorite show in the world and eat dinner at the same time. Why shouldn't I be able to get in a good post or two as I do all of that in the 45 free minutes I have?

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