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:: Thursday, October 31, 2002 ::

More College Coed Fun! Well maybe that title is a little misleading. But nonetheless, I have a *SHOCKING* update for all of you that understand the narrow minds in charge of educating our youth in the nation's colleges. This morning Spooky and I actually made it to class. At one point I think I was even awake. If in fact I wasn't dreaming, then the professor said, "American foriegn policy is very weird. Sometimes it even does something right." Now that I certainly don't agree with every decision the government has made, nor do I know as much as I probably should about foriegn policy. However, my one understanding of it based on the teachings of my professors is that it is ALWAYS wrong. Saving people? Imperialism. A more isolationist approach? We're bastards trying to see that all the "little people" are killed.

In my class I also noticed a girl with a very scary looking mug. It had pictures of women stabbing men all over it. Can I use the same complaints against that girl that the chicks at UNLV used against the guy looking at Maxim?

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