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:: Friday, October 18, 2002 ::

Well oversleeping sucks. But then while I'm at work, I just open up to my favorite new blog. In response to First Bitch, I have to say that I love the slogan "Make War Not Love." In today's terms, it's probably safer for war. Between technology, if used with restraint, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, I'm thinking war might be the better option here. But on a more serious note regarding war, there's an interesting piece by Dan Savage, noted sex advice columnist, that has been floating around the blogosphere as of late. Note to First Bitch: Wait, I thought on the 26th and 27th you were going to play with machine guns... ;)

Last night Spooky and I were discussing the WeatherSlut on our page. She was wearing a cut off top in 50 degree rain! This morning at 37 degrees was the first time I've seen her in anything that covers her cute little abs.
UPDATE: WeatherSlut is now wearing a tank top at 52 degrees! I'm wearing a sweatshirt.

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