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:: Friday, October 18, 2002 ::

Wow. I leave for six hours and so much happens! We're all so excited by the links today! Thank you and thank you. Very much. We really didn't think that anyone would read this thing. It's still under construction, as should be painfully obvious. However, I promise to update quite a bit tonight. This also helps me feel productive before taking tomorrow off to go watch football and Sunday off to become a certified range safety officer. Somewhere in there I need to study for an exam on Monday morning. But I have a few things to blog/bitch about right now.

Most of us that write for this blog are big football fans. I can't speak for the other Bitches, but I'm a fan of college over pro. ESPN.com is my best friend during this season (no offense to my ladies and boys that read this blog). It took me until senior year to realize how much I missed it. Like Baby Bitch, I too am from the South. I am going crazy right now over my favorite team's great season so far. I fully expect to be sitting in the living room of my dorm screaming at the television for the Sooners to kick ass or something like that during the national championship. While I fear they would not beat Miami (hell I'm shocked they beat Texas), I hope that Miami makes it this year. They've been screwed over so much in the past. I feel for them. But OU is still the best! :)

My Exciting Day
So the life of an undergraduate can be pretty dull sometimes. My exciting day included finally getting rid of the most evil paper in the world. After dropping that off, I headed over to check my mail where I found my paycheck (always a good thing, especially when you are working 13 hours a week between two jobs) and the Victoria's Secret Christmas catalog. Victoria's Secret makes me happy. They have a beautiful brown (or bronze in the catalog) halter dress in there that I plan to order for Senior Ball. I also found a couple of pairs of shoes that I want. One is a strappy sandal with rhinestones on it, the other is a pair of knee high boots with three inch heels. Those would be my "these boots are made for walking" boots. A reward for finally cutting off a two year relationship that was headed nowhere. The final exciting part of my day included going to Wal-Mart with Preppy Bitch, First Bitch and First Bitch's little sister. I bought ice cube trays. I have a wonderful new fridge, but they only gave me one ice cube tray. Now I can really have a party. :)

More on Guns
People are going to get tired of reading this soon enough, but I just wanted to share one more thing for today about this topic. I just had 12 people sign up for the range safety officer training! I am a firm believer that the one bridge between anti- and pro-gun people is education. If we can prove to those that work against us that we are safe and knowledgeable about firearms, then we can slowly begin to pull them over. (Right First Bitch?) :) So to have a dozen women sign up to become certified as RSOs, I'm just elated.

According to CNN, Vanderbilt is thinking of changing the name on one building to exclude the word Confederate. What the hell is so wrong with the word? Believe me, as a Southerner in New England, I know that some people have a hatred for the South that cannot be conveyed accurately in words. One friend here at school was told by another student that she should be ashamed of her heritage because a relative fought for the Confederacy. If her response editorial in the college newspaper was online, I would copy and paste it here. But here's a section of the CNN article instead.
The Tennessee division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy asked the court to block the private liberal arts university from renaming the building, now known as Confederate Memorial Hall.
In 1935, the United Daughters contributed $50,000 toward construction of the $150,000 building. The group, which has 25,000 members nationwide, claims removing the name would represent a breach of contract.
The group's lawyer, Douglas E. Jones, said the residence hall was built as a monument and memorial to Confederate soldiers.
"It's about history, American history," Jones said.
Now I don't agree with running to the courts to solve this matter. I can't really explain why other than I just don't like running to the government to solve problems unless absolutely necessary. A name change for a building is not absolutely necessary. Unless the United Daughters of the Confederacy provides a contract saying the building would always remain a memorial to confederate soliders, and that the name must always reflect that specific intention, then I just don't buy it. I attend a private institution. I work with administrators on a daily basis. I understand that these kinds of decisions are usually business decisions. If the building name brought bad press, which could lower applications or enrollment, then I would expect such a change. The fact is, while I don't agree with every decision my school makes, if it will keep the college in business, then I will eventually come around to it. I want my alma mater to be here in 40 years.
Another fact about Vanderbilt, I almost went there. I started the application, visited the campus and promptly ended the process. I could never live in Nashville. My brother does, and he's very happy there. But I don't do big cities. I like suburbs and somewhat rural areas. I want to see the stars at night. And Nashville drivers were the worst I had ever seen at that point. Of course, now I've seen Boston. That will send chills down your spine to drive in that city. They are evil, pure evil.

I think that's it for now. I'll work on some content for the left side now, and then go chill with my other bitches.

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