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:: Tuesday, December 03, 2002 ::

Damn When I first saw this situation arise at Vanderbilt, I didn't think it would turn into this kind of BS. This is insane!
The Washington Times quotes liberally from an editorial written by Vanderbilt math professor Jonathan Farley, whose contribution to the debate about the building's name amounts to a condemnation of any Southerner who takes any pride whatsoever in his heritage. Pronouncing Confederates to be "cowards masquerading as civilized men," Farley explicitly regrets that the Civil War was not concluded with geographical genocide: "Every Confederate soldier deserved not a hallowed resting place at the end of his days but a reservation at the end of the gallows," he wrote, noting that those descendants of the Confederacy who cherish their heritage are "the new holocaust revisionists." Comparing Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest to a "19th century Hitler," he adds that "the race problems that wrack America to this day are due largely to the fact that the Confederacy was not thoroughly destroyed, its leaders and soldiers executed, and their lands given to the landless freed slaves."
I hate people that try to make me feel ashamed for being from the South. It's kinda sad that I didn't choose Vanderbilt now. I'd probably file a complaint with the university, using their own rules against them, claiming that I felt threatened by his editorial. (It's rumored that I'm distantly related to Jefferson Davis.)

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